In order to fully protect confidentiality, I am unable to provide you with direct client testimonials. I hope the following professional statements can be helpful in your decision process.

Anca is a skilled clinician with an uncanny ability to connect to teenagers and their families. While working together, I have seen Anca use cutting edge tools such as EMDR or brainspotting, combined with traditional techniques to create the best outcomes for her clients. I would trust Anca to work with the people I value the most in my life.
— Marie, LCSW, University professor
Anca is truly a talented healer. I’ve worked with Anca for over a decade. Her dedication to her clients and her knowledge to support individuals through difficult times is excellent. She is thorough, thoughtful, and forward thinking. She applies numerous techniques of therapy that allow her to individualize her sessions to each client. When I refer my clients to Anca, I know they are in excellent hands.
— Dr Mary, ND, RH(AHD), Naturopath
I have been working alongside Anca for the past 15 years. Anca has great knowledge and tools to help others move forward and live the life they truly desire. Not only is she highly trained, she also cares for her clients and upholds the highest ethical standards. She is a wonderful therapist to whom I would recommend anyone who is wanting to grow in a compassionate and skilled environment.
— Sarah, LPC, Counselor and Coach
I have had the pleasure of working closely with Anca for the last two years, and I’m continually impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and heart. Our shared clients often express their gratitude for the therapy and growth she provides. I often refer to Anca, as she is a true asset to have on a mental health team.
— Dr Brooke, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist
Anca is an excellent individual and family therapist. Over the years, I have referred to her whenever my clients have needed counseling, and I’ve always been happy with the results. I would highly recommend her!
— Hugh, Licensed Acupuncturist
I am amazed at Anca’s breadth of knowledge about therapy and professional conduct. I enjoy our conversations and opportunities to learn from Anca.
— Arlene, LCSW, CAC III, Addictions Counselor
Anca is the go-to therapist for innovative, creative therapeutic interventions. She shows a deep care for her clients and advocates for them in a heartfelt way.
— Rachel, Ph.D, Psychologist and Author
As a fellow therapist, I have worked collaboratively with Anca numerous times. Anca’s expertise in a variety of clinical areas has been a valuable asset to the clients I have referred to her. Her genuine care and compassion, combine with her knowledge and experience, allows clients to feel supported and confident that they are receiving high quality treatment during their therapeutic journeys.
— Jen, LPC, Counselor
As my introduction to the supervised relationship as an intern, Anca set a caring, respectful, and lighthearted space for my learning. This environment included appropriate challenge and encouragement, as she had a good sense of my personal edges for growth. There are moments, even now, years later, when her reminders and encouragement still enter my mind, offering perspective and opening up space for both me and my clients.
— Chandra, LPC
Our mutual clients often speak so highly of Anca and I have witnessed the transformation she brings first hand. I personally have also learned a lot from her wealth of experience and innate ability to connect.
— Katie, Wellness Coach
I have worked with Anca as both my supervisor during my graduate studies practicum, and now as a colleague in private practice. I greatly appreciate her ability to meet clinical needs with creative practicality, gentle directness, and her capacity to maintain a sense of humor through it all. She is skilled in touching in to the challenging places where growth happens and coming back into greater ease of being having done so.
— Chad, MA, Counselor