What is telehealth therapy and how does it actually work?

Telehealth therapy is a type of therapy where you and I are at different physical locations, and either doing a video session or conversing through message-based therapy. In Video Therapy we utilize an online video and audio platform which enables us to see and hear each other. It is similar experience to FaceTime or Skype, with the exception that our sessions are encrypted to provide confidentiality. Message-based therapy involves sending messages back and forth, giving you a chance to vent or process, ask questions, and explore new ideas. I reply to your messages with therapeutic responses, giving you support and needed ideas.

Just as in-person therapy, you receive my full attention the entire time, from the beginning to the end of our vide sessions or throughout our message communication. We have an initial, free phone consultation to decide if you and I are a good fit, as well as if online therapy would be beneficial, then you receive full access to the same login platform as in-person clients, including online scheduling and secure credit card payment processing.

For video sessions, a few minutes prior to our session, you receive a unique, one-time-use encrypted video session code, which provides you access to our online session. For message-based therapy, you schedule a weekly messaging appointment, and receive the guidelines for the interactions.

What do I need in order to access telehealth therapy?

In order to access telehealth therapy, you will need the following:

· A comfortable and private space where you can talk or write without interruptions

· Internet-connected desktop, tablet or smartphone

· Webcam or camera on the device (audio only can be an option) for Video sessions or Internet/email connection to be able to send your messages to me.

Is telehealth therapy for me?

You might benefit from online therapy if you are:

· Working from home, as a parent or remote office

· A busy professional with limited ability to leave the office

· Traveling a great amount of time

· Living in an area with limited counseling or supervision options

· Wanting to have sessions but have challenges with being in the same room

· A professional interested in having a counselor who is not local

· Dealing with a health condition which restricts travel

· Having limited or lack of transportation access

· Have interrupted sleep, insomnia, or other issues needing attention during atypical hours (message-based therapy only)

· Are working on a changing a behavior or overcoming negative patterns and could use random or consistent reminders and support (message-based therapy only)

· Not a fan of traffic, parking or the changing weather conditions

Online therapy might not be the best fit during certain situations, especially during times of active crisis. You and I will discuss through your specifics, and might decide that in person sessions would be a better fit, or I might refer you to someone closer to your location or with the expertise that better meets your needs.

Per state regulations, therapists must be licensed in the states where their clients are located.  Online sessions with Lifechange Counseling are for Colorado and Wyoming residents only.

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